**May ATC Swap - Rep Yo' State**

What's up?? Are you ready for an AWESOME atc swap?? Well, Let's Go!!

This months theme (as you have already guessed it) is 'Rep Yo State'. Representing your state can mean where you were born, raised or live. Whichever is closest to your heart. Take what you remember most about your state (i'm sure there is a story behind it) and create that onto an atc.

Every one will be divided into groups(BELOW)and will be swaping them with others from another state. It will be interesting to see the different states represented!

There is no challenge- other than to have something on your ATC that in some way represents where you are from. Easy, huh?

As an example, Im from MN..every one know that we have TONS of snow. So my ATC may reflect that.

Here are the SPECS:

The ATC's are due to me NO LATER THAN June 23rd. You should have rec'vd and email from me with postal and group information listed.

* Make an ATC the size of 3.5 x 2.5.

*Back your atc with some chipboard or extra layers of cardstock to make it sturdy.

*Send your ATC's protected in some form of plastic to prevent water damage.

Please send your ATC's with a SASE with $4 (cash or postage). If you want priority or delivery confirmation - please send the necessary amounts along with that.

Above all..have fun..do YOUR best...AND DON'T BE LATE!!! (lol)

Happy Scrappin'!!


Make a note as to how many are in your group – be sure to send 1 ATC in for each person!! I made sure that you will not receive an ATC from someone else in your state!! (P.S. CA is definitely in the house-there is one in EVERY group)

Group #1 (Make 7 – keep 1)

1. GeeGeet36 (RECEIVED)
2. Flourescentpinkglass (RECEIVED)
3. Msliz729 (POSTAL)
4. Frogmahall (RECEIVED)
5. Christina C.(RECEIVED)
6. Mrstlc1 (RECEIVED)
7. Trwestkd (RECEIVED)

Group #2 (Make 6 – Keep 1)
1. Thecocomartha (POSTAL)
2. 30purplekisses(RECEIVED)
3. Limabeanlove (RECEIVED)
4. Daileyscrapper (RECEIVED)
5. Naturallockks77 (RECEIVED)
6. Shtanah (RECEIVED)

Group #3 (Make 6 – Keep 1)
1. Fasloan (SHIPPED)
2. Sarah20az (SHIPPED)
3. Makeupaddict4eva (SHIPPED)
4. Helokity143 (SHIPPED)
5. Leasy46 (SHIPPED)
6. Cindysms (SHIPPED)

Group #4 (Make 6 – Keep 1)
1. Queenbeescreations (RECEIVED)
2. Crafternthemaking (RECEIVED)
3. Paperasfabric (RECEIVED)
4. SoftBrown (RECEIVED)
5. Scrapbliss (RECEIVED)
6. Onelynn36 (RECEIVED)

Group # 5 (Make 6 – Keep 1)
1. Laneauxpaula (SHIPPED)
2. Mrsovwatson (SHIPPED)
3. Dadamahe (SHIPPED)
4. Lex2710 (SHIPPED)
5. Janelijos (SHIPPED)
6. Ccbell42 (SHIPPED)