Rain, Rain Go Away...

Hey all!!!

I have the cutest little bugger to show you..wanna see? Ok, fine..take a look!

Isn't he just the sweetest thang?? Anyway, this image comes from The Cutting Cafe..You can check out the whole set here. The little umbrella is super cute!

I made a tag and a card from the RAIN, RAIN GO AWAY set..you can see it below:

This was super quick and easy to make. Any decorative punch will do to make the awesome background on the tag! You can use your stickles and markers and head to town. I will have a YouTube video up on this project, so check back and see!

This post is short, sweet and SO CUTE!!! Thanks guys for your support!

Happy Scrappin'!


Anniversary Mini Album

Hello All~

Today I am sharing a design team project from The Cutting Cafe. The challenge was to use any New Year's set. There are quite a few choices. Here's another one. I chose the Wine Glass shaped card. It worked well with my project. This is what I created:

So cute, quick and easy. Check out the video here for details on the album. It's using a 12 x 12 piece of cardstock folded in quarters. ( The vid will show you, lol)

These sets can be used for New Years, Wedding, Anniversary and any other type of celebration! I used it to celebrate our anniversary, documenting where we went to celebrate that special day. I put my favorites in the mini. It can hold about 7-8 full size photo's. Great idea if you have to whip up something quick!

You can find more design team inspiration here on the blog, using these sets.

Happy Scrappin's guys!!


Pockets, Pockets Everywhere!!

OMG! I am soo running behind on my blog post..(tisk, tisk) so guess what? This week you'll be seeing a whole lotta me! Well to start us out are POCKETS! These cute little things are perfect for the holidays! I am absolutely in love with the mittens!! Too cute!!

I am in the midst of making a bunch of teacher gifts for my kids.. This is what I created..Oh, and you can watch the video of how you can create one just like it here:

That thing so so darn cute!! Here's another one:

There are several different window cut outs.. mittens, christmas tree, stocking, star etc.. I put a blank tag in the front of mine so that they can use it on a gift they are giving! Two in one!

I packed ( as much as I can) these bags with some goodies for the teachers.. I appreciate them so much they often endure more than they say...

Anywhoo, please visit The Cutting Cafe for more projects using this awesome pockets set and have fun Playing!! Until next time guys, bye!



Tis' the Season Blog Hop - Day 3

Well here we are..the last day of the Hop..:( I am sad to see it go - it was so much fun! I loved reading your comments - you guys are too funny! (Scrapbliss and Iley fighting over the mini, lol) Anywhoo, today I have created a canvas layout for you guys. Im using Recollection, DCWV and My Minds Eye paper collections! I love how this turned out!

I(of course) have a video on this project on my youtube channel!

Here are some close up and different angles:

Well, that wraps up the Tis' the Season Blog Hop 2011! A Super HUGE thanks goes out to Elsa!! She was a wonderful hostess. Check out Suzie and her amazing creations next!

If you are starting here, please go to Elsa's channel and work your way from there!

Thanks again for your wonderful support and laughs. I appreciate you all and so glad to be apart of the scrapping community!!!!

Here is the total linup:
Elsa- http://www.JustaFewDesigns.blogspot.com

Krystal http://www.krystalsnight.blogspot.com

Jules http://www.thejulebox.com

Kimi - http://uniquescrappiness.blogspot.com

Linda -http://simpleandsassycreations.blogspot.com

Margaret- http://www.auntmargaretdesigns.blogspot.com

Stacie- http:/ www.creativyou.blogspot.com

Michelle- http://creativeoperation.blogspot.com

Tmika - www.scrapdaworld.blogspot.com

Sue - http://scrappingsuzieqtt.blogspot.com/

Yolanda - http://socrafty3.blogspot.com

Emily- http://www.createserendipity.net

Happy Scrappin and Hopping!!]

Tis' The Season Blog Hop - Day 2

Hey all!!

Wow, what a day! I was so exicited to see what awesome projects my fellow hoppers made! Love it!!! Today I have a...mini album! I wouldn't be complete if I didn't created one, right?

If you are just starting, you should head over to Elsa's first and continue hopping from there!

I have a video up on this (of course) on my youtube channel! I know..I can't help it..I think I dream about making videos in my sleep! LOL! Anywhoo, here is what I created using Lost&Found Christmas chipboard elements and a few sheets of that collection in the 12 x 12 (3 or 4), Recollections Love Letter paper stack and DCWV Ms. Claus Kitchen Stack. I Heart this!!

So Cute!This album is made by using the Celebrate It brand bags that you can get from Micheals. I folded over the ends of the bags and hot glued those puppies together. It was so easy.

If you prefer, the video will be here.

Here is the rest of the album: (beware of photo OVERLOAD)

Thanks guys, so much for your support and remember to leave a comment! From this point you should head over to Suzie's blog and see her amazing creations!!

Here is the total linup:
Elsa- http://www.JustaFewDesigns.blogspot.com

Krystal http://www.krystalsnight.blogspot.com

Jules http://www.thejulebox.com

Kimi - http://uniquescrappiness.blogspot.com

Linda -http://simpleandsassycreations.blogspot.com

Margaret- http://www.auntmargaretdesigns.blogspot.com

Stacie- http:/ www.creativyou.blogspot.com

Michelle- http://creativeoperation.blogspot.com

Tmika - www.scrapdaworld.blogspot.com

Sue - http://scrappingsuzieqtt.blogspot.com/

Yolanda - http://socrafty3.blogspot.com

Emily- http://www.createserendipity.net

Happy Scrappin'!


Welcome to our blog hop, Tis the Season to Hop. Started by Elsa at Justafewdesigns. I have joined a bunch of talented ladies to share with you some awesome Christmas themed projects!! This is my first blog hop and I am SUPER-DEE-DUPER excited!! ( Can ya tell?)

We will be hopping for three days from the 2nd through the 4th of Dec. Some of the ladies in the hop will offering Candy so look out for those neat gifts...also make sure you become my follower and comment all 3 days of the hop on all the participating blogs in order to win the Candy Elsa will be giving away on her blog.

We hope to inspire you to create and give homemade gifts and cards this year. If you arrived here by chance please go back to the beginning.

My project today is super simple. I made a photo holder.( I will also have video on my YOUTUBE channel later today for your convenience - cause I like ya, lol)

So, my mother in law is forever (and a day) asking for photos of her grand babies..I used to get them developed and give them right to her in the envelope provided. These days I get them printed online and shipped. So I have been just throwing them in whatever I can find and giving it to her that way. Now we as scrappers can't go out like that, right? So why not make you own?? These are great gift ideas for grandparents, aunts, uncles, or whoever wants pics of your little ones. As an added bonus, you handmade and embellished it! Who can ask for a more creative and personal gift?

This is what I came up with (there will be a video tutorial on this if it seems confusing):

and this one:

I absolutely love it!! I definately will be making more. Here's how you can do it!

You'll need your base cut in two different sizes. One at 10 1/2 by 7 1/4 and one at 9 1/4 by 4:

Next the scoring starts. Take the bigger piece (10 1/2 by 7 1/4) and place the long way on the score board. Starting from left to right score at: 4 1/2, 5, 9 1/2 and 10. It should look like this:

The second piece (9 1/4 by 4) and score on the long side from left to right at: 1/2, 1, 8 1/4 and 8 3/4. It should look like this:

Now add score or double sided tape to the underside of the short piece. Just on the first 1/2" line. This will connect the two pieces together. Like so:

Now connect the two pieces. The bottom 1/2" of the short piece, connects to the bottom of the top piece. Like this:

Now you can add more double sided tape to the flaps. Like this:

To complete the photo holder..attach both side to the base. Like so:

All that's left is to mat your paper!! Voila! The demensions for the matting are as follows:

Front top (what every see's first), front inside ( what you see at the top when you flip it open) and back are the same size at: 7 1/4 by 4 1/2.

Front bottom is 7 1/4 by 4

Strips on top and bottom are 1/2 by 7 1/4.

Have fun with this! Don't forget to leave a comment!

Thanks for stopping by and please hop on to Suzie....

Here is the line up...
Elsa- http://www.JustaFewDesigns.blogspot.com/
Krystal http://www.krystalsnight.blogspot.com/
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Kimi - http://uniquescrappiness.blogspot.com/
Linda -http://simpleandsassycreations.blogspot.com/
Margaret- http://www.auntmargaretdesigns.blogspot.com/
Stacie- http:// www.creativyou.blogspot.com
Michelle- http://creativeoperation.blogspot.com/
Tmika - http://www.scrapdaworld.blogspot.com/ (you are here)
Sue - http://scrappingsuzieqtt.blogspot.com/
Yolanda - http://socrafty3.blogspot.com/
Emily- http://www.createserendipity.net/

Christmas Treat Boxes!!

OMG! You are going to say..'these are sooo cute'!! The challenge this week at The Cutting Cafe was to use any Christmas treat boxes. There are quite a few to choose from.. how can one choose JUST ONE? So I made three (lol)! First up is the SNOWMAN. I also have a video on how to make this one. (uploading soon to a youtube near you):

I also did a PRESENT TREAT BOX..So CUTE!! Here is what I did with that:

Next up is my favorite...the PEPPERMINT treat box!! Totally cute!!

I loved how Regina did hers - an had to leave it that way.. SO CUTE!!
Anywhoo, you guys should check out the treat boxes and give someone special a little present. Im sure they'll love the thought behind it!

Happy Scrappin'!!



12 x 12 Layout

Hey there!

I have another project to share with your guys! The Cutting Cafe has an awesome December Daily set available and this one too - you absolutely have to try it! (lol) I created a layout using the set and here is what came out of it:

This one too:

These too:

And because I t {{heart}} this corner, here's a closeup up (he he)

Ok, I have bombarded you with enough pics.. See ya soon!! Check out my video here and also THE CUTTING CAFE for more inspiration!!




Hey, Hey, Hey!!! (Sounded a little Fat Albertish, huh?)

Anywhoo, with the craft fair almost coming to an end (yay), I am so happy to be able to take yet another break. This weeks challenge was to use the JOT IT DOWN set from The Cutting Cafe. I actually purchased this set long before I was on the design team and have used it in many projects. I loved it! So when I saw that it was a challenge - I was excited.

This weeks inspiration was a "Favorite Picture Journal".

What is that, you say? Well, it's a book with those pictures that don't quite make it to a mini album, or layout. Either because it's too much going on in the background, not a great/clear picture etc. However, it's memory is strong. So what I did was take those special moment pics and put them all into a "journal".. VOILA!!

I had a good time doing this project, I was able to relive some of those special moments..

The JOT ID DOWN collection is awesome! I was able to incorporate it's elements on a lot of my designs..

Be sure to check it out and other FABULOUSNESS, at THE CUTTING CAFE!!!



8x8 Layout and Shadow Box

Hello Again!!!

I have an awesome project for you guys this week.. I have been working on craft fair items sooo much (a video and photos coming soon) that I was Super excited to do something different! So here it is..

Here's another view...

Ok, One more..and that's it..(LOL)

Isn't it cool? It was my first time with an 8x8 layout AND shadow box.. I was happy with the results.. Our theme this week (as a designer for THE CUTTING CAFE) was to use the 3" Circle words. I chose the Perfect Picture circle word. I love how this turned out!!!

Visit The Cutting cafe for more circle examples!! You can also view the video of this project here.

Thanks guys for visiting and as always...Happy Scrappin'!


Save the Hooters!

Hey all!

As we know, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month! I have seen so many projects support this cause that I have been in awe! I am happy to see so much support for this cause. Also, The Cutting Cafe is showing some love as well. Regina's assignment this week for the design team is to create something using any of the brest cancer sets. There is a PINK mini album that I was seriously considering..it was touch in go! Ultimately, I decided to do this:

This mini is so cute! I created the pages using 8.5 x 11 heavy cardstock. Super easy! I love the pretty colors and the sentiments! I am going to give this away to a Cancer Center in my area. Hopefully, they will be able to give it to someone else that needs a little pick me up!

Guys, check out the awesome design team projects! I am happy to be apart of this team - everyone is SUPER talented!

You can find the breast cancer sets here, here, and here. Thanks guys for following me and leaving such awesome comments! I truly appreciate all of you!

If you're interested in seeing the video of this mini..check out my youtube video here. It should be up shortly.

Happy Scrappin'!