Another Challenge/Another Card?!

Hey all!!

Yes, I'm going at it, lol!! I am absolutely loving the challenges that I'm participating in. This challenge is bought to us by Leasy46 on Youtube. Her challenge was to create any birthday card and submit a video response. Here is the video I submited (soon).

She will in turn, just for participating send you a small birthday rak on YOUR birthday! How cool is that? In addition to that- she is giving away a prize NOW to a lucky winner! I hope that's me, lol!

Anywhoo, here is the card I created for the challenge...

Ain't it CUTE?? I just love these Prima papers! They are sooo vintage and shabby - all in one! What do you think?
That's all for today, thanks for stopping by!!!  Big {{HUGS}} Tmika xoxo

Yes, Another Card!!

Hey Everybody!!

I promise, for those of you reading today - this is my last post of the day.  I gave myself a 15 minute challenge to create a card. I LOVE the card that I did with the box. Since I already had a sketch - I decided to dupe it - with different colors. This card went to my friend Donna.  I finished the card in 20 minutes - but who's counting? lol!

So CUTE!!! I love how this turn out..I hope you got a chance to check out the original card (in blue and yellow) to see what I went off of..
That's all (and enough) for today guys! Talk to you all soon. {{bug HUGS}} Tmika

Card Share

Hey all!!

Ok, here is another card I created for a YT challenge. I'm starting to get more and more into the challenges AND as a added bonus my HOARD VAULT! What is the point of buying all this gorgeous stuff - and not use it? It's hard - I'll be the first to admit it..

Anywhoo, here is the video I created for the challenge hosted by craftychica87 and lavishlaces. The challenge was to use a sexy man on the cover of your card, three words to describe why you think he's sexy and stickles. Here is what I came up with..

Ain't he SEXY??? I can say that because that is my fiance, Robert. He was willing to do a 'home' photo shoot for me to enter the challenge! Thanks so much honey for being a great sport! I love you!
Thank you all for stopping by! {{big HUGS}} Tmika

Card Making Mood

Hey Everybody!!

Loooong time no seee! I'm happy to be posting back again..I've been doing videos a lot, but I'm getting back into the habbit of posting. So let's get to it.

Today, I have THREE posts for you (gotta catch up right?) So I'll start with a challenge that I participated in. (which by the way - I'll be doing more of) This was a YT challenge hosted by BaCraftyGirl. Some of these post will have videos attached. Here is the video of what I created. The pics are below - let me know what you think! :)

So, what do you think? I think that they turned out really out really cute!  Thanks guys for stopping by! I appreciate all of your support!!  {{big HUGS}} Tmika