January Mini Swap **CLOSED **

Happy New Year Ladies!!!

It's is time for another fun swap! In light of the New Year - I wanted to do something different. Tags are great - but this time we are swapping...MINI ALBUMS!! Now don't get all intimidated on me, lol! This mini album is SUPER EASY and SUPER FUN!

Check out my girl Laura over at followingthepapertrail on you tube. She has done an excellent job of explaining her latest mini creation! This is what we'll be swaping. Here is the link: (you may have to copy and paste)


THE KICKER: Since the majority of us made resolutions to use our scraps - I thought this would be a great solution. We can ONLY use G45 paper for making the mini album AND the tag inserts!! So bring out your stash and get to scrappin'! Use whatever you want on the chipboard covers to decorate (it still has to look nice, lol!).

THE BASICS: You have to make 5 mini albums using G45 paper - you can make them all different or all the same if you have a lot of the same paper. You can mix and match between paper collections. (of course you'll want to make sure it coordinates) You just need to MAKE AND SEND 5 MINI ALBUMS. You in turn, will receive 5 mini albums back from 5 different people. Isn't this a cool way to use up all your "scraps"? I am super excited to do this swap!

MORE BASICS: PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT HERE IF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDY. This is the only place I'm looking for the players. I will arrange groups according to sign ups - 5 people per group. Each person in the group will each do 5 G45 mini's. I will pick one mini from each person in another group to send back to you. Yay! How fun is that? The official swap starts on January 12th - DUE TO ME BY Feburary 15th!!! Plenty of time to work on this, huh?

THE CHALLENGE: Use a flower on the cover! (Super easy, huh?) It can be a homemade one, a flat one, or a 3D one.. Either way - a flower!!

SHIPPING INFO: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!! Please send your mini albums - packaged carefully (so they won't squish during shipping) WITH a SELF ADDRESSED return envelope AND either $5 in cash OR postage EQUALING $5. Please DO NOT send the same amount it cost you to send it to me. The mini's that are returned may be heavier than the ones you sent.

ENDING: I hope that you guys will decide to play with me! It is a super easy way to use your scraps, participate in a swap to see others creations and get to know people on the YT! I can't wait to see how you mix and match G45 papers! Happy Scrapin'!!

Group 1


Group 2