KIT-STRAVAGANZA #2 - Good Day Sunshine

KIT-TRAVAGANZA - For the Record

Hi all!!

Im clearing out my TO DO MINI scrap list! These are kits I would have done myself and never got around to doing it, ugh! They are priced to sell!! If you're the link below. Video on this kit will be available soon!!

Thanks for Looking..


MME Mini Album Kits

Hey all!

I have several kits available for purchase. Check the video below, if you are interested. This kit is loaded with goodies. From papers, vellum, cardstock, stamp set, flowers, charms and much more. You are sure to enjoy this!

Thanks guys!! Happy Scrapping!


Glassine Bags Mini Kit

Howdy All!!

I have a very pretty Glassine Bag Mini Kit available. It is soo cute!! Here is a picture..

Blush Glassine Mini Album Kit

Ain't it Cute?? The video will be uploaded soon and I will post below. Click the link below, if you are interested!

Happy Scrappin'!


Blush Mini Album, Flowers and Stick Pins for Sale

Hey guys!!

I have a MME Blush Mini Album for sale (sold). It's soo Cute!! I also have stick pins and flowers available as well. If you are interested in purchasing any of these items, the link is below the post. Click here (soon) for the video of these products.

Happy Scrappin'!!



White Button Vintage Flower

Silver Pearl Vintage Flower

Trinket Pin #1 (White Pearl/Silver Cap)

Trinket Pin #2 (Pink Bead/Black)

Trinket Pin #3 (Pearl Bead/Silver Flourish)

Trinket Pin #4 (Black Bead/Silver Cap)

Trinket Pin #5 (Clear Bead Pink/Silver Duo)