Pockets, Pockets Everywhere!!

OMG! I am soo running behind on my blog post..(tisk, tisk) so guess what? This week you'll be seeing a whole lotta me! Well to start us out are POCKETS! These cute little things are perfect for the holidays! I am absolutely in love with the mittens!! Too cute!!

I am in the midst of making a bunch of teacher gifts for my kids.. This is what I created..Oh, and you can watch the video of how you can create one just like it here:

That thing so so darn cute!! Here's another one:

There are several different window cut outs.. mittens, christmas tree, stocking, star etc.. I put a blank tag in the front of mine so that they can use it on a gift they are giving! Two in one!

I packed ( as much as I can) these bags with some goodies for the teachers.. I appreciate them so much they often endure more than they say...

Anywhoo, please visit The Cutting Cafe for more projects using this awesome pockets set and have fun Playing!! Until next time guys, bye!



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