What? Paper Jewelry?!

Yes, you read it right! Paper jewelry - who wouldda thunk it? To my surprise this has been around for a while -nobody told me, though :(  The Cutting Cafe has just created some AWESOME paper beading files, boxes and earring holders! You absolutely have to check her out! You can not only use the boxes as great gift giving packages - but if you are one who does crafts fairs - this is an excellent way to display your projects!!

Take a look see at what I did with just ONE of the files..Beware- I'm Addicted!!

See what did I tell ya!! I'm not even done yet, lol!!
Below is a bracelet that I made for my son - it is using a different shaped file (also included in the set :) Take a look...

He is gone to love this!! It looks just like the ones he already wears -only I made it..WITH PAPER!

Here is another example (you can see more shapes on my video) of the earring holders..

Thanks guys for stopping by! I hope that you will try these files out! Once you start - you won't be able to stop!!




  1. These so cute!! In your voice!!!

  2. tmika i am just so in love with these...they are hip enough for anyone to where.......sooooooooooooo FANTASTIC...